Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've been seeing a lot more two wheeled transport around town lately. On today's walk I saw more than the usual folks I see on bikes, even a couple of teenagers working at being hipsters. There is a new Critical Mass advertisement posted around town too. But I also ran across the sign to the left. Carroll Creek Park is about the only traffic free (except at crossings) route across town. Now you have to walk your bike through four blocks of it. Something to think about.

UPDATE: 6/26/2008 Joe reminded me of a conversatin we had about this last year. here is the relevant part of the ordinance: "(d) Carroll Creek Linear Park. Within the boundaries of Carroll Creek Linear Park, an individual more than ten years old may not use a non-motorized wheeled vehicle, except for a bicycle, on any City property. During an event in Carroll Creek Linear Park permitted by the Department of Parks and Recreation, an individual more than ten years old may not ride a bicycle in Carroll Creek Linear Park between Court Street and Wisner Street. Walking while pushing or pulling a bicycle is not a violation of this provision."

It looks like today they are setting up for an event this weekend along the creek, so the fact that this is a movable sign makes me suspect it is only out for events. Maybe it got put out early this week.


Blogger Leta said...

Except that it doesn't apply to riders ten years old and under, who are the more likely to run into me. Hmmmm.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Icon O. Classt said...

Age discrimination, pure and simple.

The great thing about that sign is it's portable--transport it to the neartest's your civic duty! ;)

1:51 PM  

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