Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gambrill Park

I ended up going to Gambrill Park and doing the Yellow trail yesterday. Todd came along and at the last minute brought Craig, with his brand new SS, a Fetish, I think. We started out clockwise to climb High Knob and get the painful part done early. Past the overlook and down a really rocky section that I still can't clean. Recouping at the bottom, Todd's cell rang, and his wife's car wouldn't start. He and Craig ended up bailing and I continued alone. I took it easy and did pretty well. I rode the entire section before crossing to the east side of Gambrill Park Rd. once across there is some wonderful twisty singletrack leading around to some fun descents, and the inevetible climbs. Walked the climbs again. then through the woods, down a fast firebreak, and to a super tech climb I didn't even try. Topped out to a couple of rock outcroppings. Lots of folks do the drops here. I was just happy to get down them on the bike along the rolling lines. So happy, infact, I hiked back up and did it again. Then a bit more rocky climbing to the fast decent back to the parking lot. Fun.


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