Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot, Hot, Heat

Like most of the rest of the US, we're getting hit by a heat wave. Temps Saturday and Sunday were in the mid-90s, and today it is expected to go to over 100. Whew!

I got out late Saturday for a ride, after errands and yet another visit to the vet for Duncan (More tummy trouble, but not a recurrence of the virus. That dog is going to end up eating better than the rest of us). I went over to start the ride in Kemptown, and the ride reinforced my memory of that area being REALLY hilly. I had hoped to drop by my friends at Mt. Airy Bikes, but between the hills and the heat, I was moving slow enough to miss their closing time. I did meet a really nice guy picking berries, of which he gave me a huge double handful. Yum!

I was planning to get out and ride on Sunday, but ended up hanging around the house catching up with a bunch stuff, but mostly doing nothing except watching the Tour.

Tonight I'm facing the heat again and doing another "take it easy" ride here in Frederick, where it's flat.


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