Thursday, December 07, 2006

Percussion Section

Lights and Pizza (& salad for me) went pretty well last night. It's getting a bit colder out. I got my wheel trued and tightened this week, but it is pretty much on its last legs. It stayed true, but creaked, groaned thumped and twanged like some mad percussion band. I really am not trusting it flying down the road in the dark. Looks like I'll have to find a new front somewhere (hmmm, maybe a generator hub???$$$.)

Other than the weird noises, the ride was great. Over the hump to Jefferson and then back over the big climb up mar-lu ridge. Omph. The lead three (skinny bastidges) climbed ahead, then turned around and came back down and climbed it a second time, but not quite fast enough to catch up with the other John G and me. 23 miles, but the GPS batteries died again. I'm going to have to change them every ride, I think.

THIS might be interesting. Looks like a fun ride. Maybe I can get a rare Saturday away from kid's sports and take part.....


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