Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lights and Pizza

The Wednesday night lights and pizza ride was pretty eventful. Chris showed up with the wrong shoes and did the whole ride with street shoes on the speedplays. We started off at a really brisk pace, and except for one small climb I was doing great. At mile 13, I was flying down a hill on Ballenger Creek Pike to gain momentum for the next hill, when I nailed a pothole. I kept control, and thought I had escaped without damage, but as I headed up the hill I heard the hiss of escaping air, and soon was flat on the front. A bit of performance anxiety as I changed tubes for an audience in the glare of the bike lights and we were back on the road.

A bit later along Cap Stine Rd., a critter was wondering across the road. One of the lead two riders called out "'Possum." He was wrong. The trailing group of four suddenly had a worried skunk in their midst. It was close to becoming a repeat of the "Big Skunk Disaster of '05". We zigged, he zagged, and tragedy was averted. Too close for me, thanks. Uneventful riding the rest of the way back to Lukes. I had a pretty good chicken ceasar salad and the rest of the crew did justice to a good looking pizza. 24.03 miles by my GPS.


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