Thursday, November 09, 2006

Night time is the right time.

Last night four of us (Bill S, Corey R, Mike P and yours truly) on the ride took advantage of the continued warm weather to rack up another 25 miles in the dark. The all day rain just managed to clear off by the start time of 6:15 pm. We headed from Lukes over to Jefferson and back over Mar-lu ridge. Umph. That is a pretty good climb. Just before the end, while coming up New Design, Mike hit a brick in the road and got a flat. I thought I heard someting come off his bike and went back to the point of impact and looked around, but I didn't find anything. Turns out his computer bounced off. Bill found it the next day (smashed). Since we were so close to the end Mike just rode shanks' pony back to the parking lot. This was the first ride I remebered not to eat dinner before I rode, so I got to enjoy the pizza too.


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