Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blue Ridge Summit

I had Friday off and was able to take advangtage of a glorious warm and sunny day. There was some misunderstanding with my spouse about my priorities for Friday at first concerning the alleged need for vacuming, but that was easily dismissed in favor of riding.

I started in Emmitsburg and explored several roads that the map showed as going into Pennsylvania. In fact, most of them didn't, but a few did. Soon enough I passed through Sabillasville on the way to Blue Ridge Summit. Plenty of climbing to keep me busy, enough to make me glad I had gears and a freewheel. I rode the residential streets in the Frederick County portion of Blue Ridge Summit, then made my way back over College Mountain to Emmitsburg. 46 hilly miles. A full report with photos at FixingCoasting Frederick.


Blogger iconoclasst said...

Nice shots, big John, thanks! Beautiful scenery and what a great day for it.

You planning the next Fixed 26?

1:49 PM  

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