Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, another year is under the bridge. It wasn't the best year, but it wasn't too bad either. Although it always seems hard to find the time to ride, I found enough to ride 144 more miles this year than last, for a total of 1556 miles. This year I'm predicting even more.

In my project to ride all of the Frederick county's roads, I'm at 2422 out of 4162. In 2006 I completed 1363 roads, to 2005's 1069. I'd hoped to be a little further along, maybe closer to two thirds instead of the one half that I'm near now, but I'm also predicting a good 2007 on this project.

The Family and I had a good Christmas season, the kids cleaned up in the loot department, and the Mrs. and I did OK ourselves. We made a quick trip out to the midwest to see my folks, but I didn't find the time to ride out there. Returning on the Friday before New Years, I tacked on a couple of extra hours of driving heading down to Bethesda for a Jomsviking reunion party. For those who don't know, the Jomsvikings are a historical reenactment/motorcycle gang/fraternal orginization/bail bond business that I'm involved with. I hadn't seen a lot of old friends in years, some for 20 or so. I hadn't seen other good friends in a year, and that with no good excuse, because they aren't too far away. There's another good goal for '07 - Hang with your friends more!

In my last post, I mentioned that I might have trashed my rear wheel on the Fuji. Close inspection proved this to be the case. Bent axle and crack 3/4 of the way around the hub shell about 10mm inside of the right flange. There go the plans for a front generator wheel. I'll be looking for a budget wheelset I guess. This will be a good time to go from 27" to 700c, AND to get a decent climbing cassette on the back, at least something with more than a 22t cog. In all the bike fiddling, I at least got the Quickbeam rolling again, and even got a spare wheel put back together for freewheeling duty. I also figured out that FSA and Truvative ISIS bottom brackets don't use the same bolt threading. SSO found me a cool crank for the dirt jumper, but now I have to find a bb that will fit the integrated bolts on it. Busy busy.

UPDATE: 1/13/07 - I figured out how to change out the bolts. I just had to manufacture a pin wrench to screw out the bolt cover/self-extractor feature, and swap them out. So righ now the only thing holding me back is a couple of tubes. I'll be hitting the shop Monday.

For the first time in years, apathy kept me off the bike on New Years day. It started out raining, and although it eventually cleared up, I had moved on to other non-activities and couldn't bestir myself. Laws of motion and all that.


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