Monday, January 22, 2007

Walk in the Mountains

I got guilted out of a bike ride on Sunday, so instead I took the youngest up into the mountains for a hike. We originally had planned on making Hog Rock, but the Secret Service had that area closed while the prez was at Camp David, so plan B was to hike to Cunningham Falls. We chose the cliff trail over the flat falls trail and had a good time. About halfway along, it started to snow, the first real snow of the season. Coming down to the falls across the rocks, with the ice and snow was a beautiful sight. Very cool. I was ready to take the easy path back to the truck, but Emily had different ideas, so we headed back on the cliff trail as well. Driving off the mountain was interesting (in a slippery road sense), while Emily filled me in on her hiking, camping and biking plans for the year (it seems I'll be busy). When we got home I built a fire in the patio fire bowl while both kids, one of their friends and the dog went out on an arctic patrol. They'd come back to the fire every 15 minutes or so to warm up, and then back out in the snow. Eventually we all headed inside for hot tea and cocoa.

It was a pretty good day.


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Whats a patio fire bowl?

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