Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New (Old) Bike

I finally finished putting together the bike to replace my broken Fuji. Friend James tracked down a big frame for me, and it only required a headset swap and a bit of rattle can touch up. The fork came off the old Fuji, also rattle canned from blue to black. Most of the parts moved over with no issues, but I think the bottom bracket/axle is too long. 122.5 from the old bike, and there is a ton of chainring clearance on this one. Shifting to the big ring is ??? and the derailleur won't adjust out any more... Rear brake setup is also a bit of a pain, because the hanger shifts as you tighten the seatbolt. Maybe some newer side pulls are in my future, if I can find some inexpensive ones. Finally, another friend set me up with some Continental Sport tires. 28 is as skinny (and as high pressure) as I've run in ages, but the fender clearance is HUGE, so we'll see how they work. They were a dog to get on the CR18 rims, I'll tell you that. I'll commute on this on Thursday and Friday to work out the kinks before the Ramble on Saturday.


Blogger DT said...

Me likey...old Fuji's rock!

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