Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Less Fixie

Like the bumpersticker says. I finished getting the Fuji back on the road this weekend. 1970s bike (Fuji Sports 10), 1980s front derailleur (exage mountain), crankset (deore w/ Biopace 48-38-28) and rear wheel (six speed freewheel), 1990s rear derailleur (STX mountain), and bar end shifters. It all went together suspiciously well for one of my wrench jobs, and held up for a 20 mile test spin in Walkersville and environs. It was pretty nice to be able to coast down Water Street Rd. We'll see how things hold up (including the rider) Wednesday night.

In pump track news, I've been a diggin' fool. The three berm base of the triangle shaped track is roughed in, with pump mounds joining the bermed curves. I have a couple of mounds starting down each straight, and I've started the tight bermed curve at the triangle's peak. I have quite a bit of dirt to move from the waste pile left over from the patio excavation which will be going into this curve. Once that is done I'll have to do 4 or 5 mounds left to do on each straight. Zoom Zoom! Sweet!


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