Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Couple of Weddings and a Bike Ride

The second half of the month has been pretty busy. First, my nephew Andrew got married down in VA, so we had guests staying with us as family came in from all over. Next, my sister-in-law Amy got married as well. That brought in the other side of the tribe. Both celebrations were good fun, with time to catch up with everyone. It's just a good thing there was no overlap of house guests.

I got out for a ride on Memorial Day. I finished the last big batch of un-ridden roads in Fixing Frederick! It was a beautiful day for a ride. As I pedaled the neighborhood streets of Lake Linganore, I saw a KLR 650 parked in a driveway. Since someone was out in the driveway I stopped to ask about the cool panniers he had mounted on his bike. Nice aluminum boxes, but not cheap. After talking bikes for a while, he offered me a set of soft saddlebags for my KLR. Wow! How generous! I think the two wheeled community (motored or not) is the best community. Anyway, thanks Todd, we'll have to get together for a ride. Soon after that I passed another cyclist and called out when I noticed he was a single speeder. I met Ben, and we talked a different type of bike for a while. He was just wrapping up some trail exploration in the Linganore area. Soon we parted company, and i finished my ride back at the school where I started.

Look for some info on the LAST! Fixing Frederick ride to be held sometime in June. We're talking a group ride with a party at the end, so keep that in mind.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Better fog than rain. This year was much more dry than the past two, and had a correspondingly higher turnout. Fun was had by all, etc., etc.

Can't believe I haven't posted in weeks. Nothing going on except rain and yardwork. Both pedal- and motor- bikes are ready for some free time.