Monday, December 28, 2009



Food. Giving. Getting. Family. Old Friends. Reacquainted Friends. New Friends.

Drunken party wrestling till 6am. Bruises. Strains. Proof that wisdom does not necessarily come with advancing age. Driving home on ice at dawn. 3 hours sleep. Next round of parties.

Had to come back to work to rest.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Snow

Whacked by a Nor'Easter, the most snow in December and in the top 10 for Maryland. hunkered down on Saturday as the storm rolled by, then spent Sunday digg1ng out. The kids had a blast , the dog was confused ad my wife is just happy that she doens't have to go to work Monday. the wind moved the snow around a bit, but it looks like the average was about 18". Some of the drifts (on the driveway for example) were over three feet.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Protect Mountain Biking at Loch Raven Watershed

After years of benign neglect, Baltimore City is cracking down on the recreational uses of Loch Raven Reservoir. They are enforcing a 10 year old plan without the opportunity to get user input to change or update the plan. Go to to help have your voice heard on this important Maryland biking resource.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Linganore Lancers - State 3A Football Champs

Braved the snow and ice on Saturday night to drive to Baltimore and watch the State championship game at Raven's (M&T) Stadium. I'd never been there before, and like a doof forgot my camera. One of Jenny's friend knew someone who knew someone and a group of us got one of the sky boxes. Very cool, but now I'm spoiled. Linganore did a great job and beat the Huntingtown Hurricanes 31-14. Roads were a little slick coming home and we saw a few cars (and one big truck) off the road on I70, but with care all went smoothly and we got home safely.

Earlier that same day Catoctin HS beat Joppatown for the State 1A championships, so I think that makes it the first time two state football titles have been brought in by Frederick County teams.

Sunday would have been a good day to ride, but I ended up doing a re-org in the garage to be able to fit both motorcycle and truck inside now that winter has arrived, after which I took the number one son to his football banquet. I look at myself in amusement at my support and enthusiasm for his participation in the program after my years of athletic ambivalence, but he's having fun, staying in shape and learning a good bit, so I'll keep up my enthusiasm.