Thursday, August 30, 2007


For the third year in a row I get to watch a bunch of my friends head off to the single speed worlds while I don't. Actually I knew pretty early this year that it wouldn't be happening, so it's not nearly as big a deal as last year (the dog is just fine, thank you).

Anyway, since I've been lagging behind on the riding for a month, and I'm finally starting to feel better about life, I'm going to try to rock a bunch of miles (well, for me) in September. I just crossed over 3000 roads in Fixing Frederick, with just over 1000 left. It's time to head into the mountains and wrap that project up.

Good luck to all you single speeders across the pond.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Down Time

Coming off the vacation buzz, hot weather, a broken bike, a stupid dog, seriously suckful changes at work,and all the minor aggravations and responsibilities of being married and a dad are all conspiring to keep me bummed about life and almost completely unmotivated to do much more than sit around the house. Maybe I'll do something next week.

Update 8/17/2007: Hey, Apparently I'm not alone. Here's a study showing that men from 35-44 are the most unhappy. As usual, I'm late to the trend, since I'll only be 44 for another month.

Monday, August 06, 2007

East and West

The last post was for the trip east with my side of the family to the ocean. This past week we went the other way, west to Deep Creek Lake with my wife's family. Actually I stayed around the house for a few days and joined them Wednesday. The weather was good, always just a bit cooler in the mountains, and we boated and tubed, swam and hiked, and just sat around a bit. The kids even got to see a bear cross through the yard. Friday I got out for a short ride and then joined the pack at the beach in the state park. Nice. Now vacations are over for a long time. Boo.