Monday, November 24, 2008

But what are the criteria?

So I went over to this site (like everyone else seems to be doing now) to see what they said about my blog.

"We think is written by a woman (67%)."

Hans und Franz would be so ashamed, but I guess it's good to be in touch with my feminine side.

Stiff and Sore

Yesterday was a MORE trailwork day up in the Frederick Watershed. DKEG cajoled 20 of us the come help him out with promises of beer. We did some work on BLUE, replacing some rotten and questionable water bars with more sustainable and functional rolling grade dips. The only real disadvantage of them over water bars is the significantly greater amount of labor required to build them. Fortunately there were enough strong backs and weak minds to jump right into the work and 'get-er-done.' We replaced 4 water bars, reinforced/built up a previous dip and cleaned the drainage of some low spots. At the trailhead post work, there was beer from David, muffins from Jojo, and cookies from Julie. Yea David, Jojo and Julie!!!!

Today I am sore.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

National Ammo Day - 2008

Don't forget! The seventh annual National Ammo Day is today! This year I think I'll go for a box in all my calibers. Except .22Remington Jet, 'cause that stuff is just too expensive, even when you can find it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

East Frederick Co. Ramble - Report


Fall is just an amazing time to get out on the bike, and today was no exception. Though the leaves are past their peak, the sun was shining and the temps cool enough to prevent overheating on the climbs. Jojo forgot her wheel and had to skip, and George decide a few miles in to bail, but the rest of us logged 30 hilly gravel and paved miles.


Gambrill Trailwork - Fall 08

Sunday saw the kids and me joining a good sized group of MORE members for some trailwork in Gambrill State Park. We got a good bit done. I gave the camera to Emily and she documented the event for me.

Good times.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Veteran's Day - East County Ramble

Veteran's Day East County Ramble
Sponsored by the Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team and The Bicycle Escape
Ride Leader: Me
Location: Libertytown Park, Libertytown, MD on MD 26 East, 1/3 mile past MD 75
Date: November 11, 2008 at 10 am
Ride Level: Casual pace on paved and gravel roads. Rolling terrain. <30 Miles. Rain or Shine.
Description: Come on out and catch the last of the fall foliage in the rolling countryside of eastern Frederick County. This weekday ride will be mostly on low traffic roads, linking together some of the most scenic gravel roads in the county. A few of the hills can be a challenge, but we'll take it easy and regroup frequently so no one will be dropped.

Update: I put the route up on

Monday, November 03, 2008


Bikes. Beer. Food. Friends.

Others can say it better than I, but I'm grateful to have such friends.