Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wednesday Night FP Ride

Last night was the last ride of the Glade Brigade, the easy ride that the Frederick Pedalers do on Wednesday nights through the summer. I only made it out twice this year, the first one in April and last night. I did do a number of Wed. rides, but my focus, when I had one, was on off road and Fixing Frederick rides. In the photo, Brian is trying to get a photo of the group. I'm not sure why he is leaning over so far. He did take a pretty good photo of me riding off into the sunset looking sort of BoBish. Thanks Brian.

Next week starts a different group ride, the Lights and Pizza ride. I'm going to try to come out for it, but it is usualy a faster pace, so we'll see.......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fair Day

Frederick County has a hundred year old tradition of letting school kids out of school on the last Friday of the county fair. Since last Friday was also my birthday, and I always take my birthday off, things worked out well enough for all of us to go to the fair. It's sort of a hassle and sort of fun. A hassle, because I'm not too keen on crowds and traffic, and fun because of everything else. We hit the animal sheds to see the animals. We hit the farm machinery row to see the ag equipment (for me not the kids). Then we hit the food stalls. Yum. Then we girded our loins and headed down the midway through the games and rides, culminating with a ride on the ferris wheel. Emily and I love that ride, Ian and Jenny can do without, but this year they came along. Finally we somehow managed another pass through the food area, where we got a funnel cake so large Ian and I split it, and still couldn't finish it. Yum!

Friday, September 22, 2006


No, not me.

But who would have thought my high school buddy and erstwhile jousting partner Ken (on the left, circa 1982, with his brother Bill) would do himself good by winning a Macarthur Genius Grant? I guess all those blows to the head and falls from the horses didn't do him any harm.

Congrats Ken!

Monday, September 18, 2006


The stoker princess and I took advantage of the wonderful weather Sunday for a pleasant tandem ride around Adamstown. Lots of new building going on. We had a nice ride and an extended session on the playground. Good times.

Saturday was spent around the yard. I pulled the remaining fenceposts along the west boundry on the property, and relocated some of the wire along the southeast side to it's new end point near the midle of the fenceline. I still have about 8 posts to pull on that side. The leftover posts will find their way to other projects.

Monday, September 11, 2006

South County

I busted my butt on Saturday to get all the yardwork and housework finished so I could ride Sunday. Sunday came and I felt so lazy I almost didn't get out. I finally pushed myself out in the afternoon, and deliberately chose to ride on the flat roads south of town. I'm glad I did. I feel much better now. More photos here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day

The pedalers intended to do a check out ride along the route of our fall metric century. I considered it until I heard the start time. That early just wasn't going to happen on a holiday.

Instead, the Princess Stoker and I headed once more to the Western Maryland Rail Trail, where we had a nice out and back ride. We headed out on the railtrail and came back along the C&O Canal, meeting several turtles and ducks as well as another tandem.

A good time was had by all.

The rest of the week has been busy at work and settling into the swing of a new school year. Everybody is sort of tired and today marked the beginning of the annual fall sickness spread by the little germ machines returning to school. Ugh.
Hoping to do a bit of riding this weekend, but the recent rains have jump started the grass again, so maybe it is yardwork time again. Winter is a'coming though.