Monday, March 31, 2008

Pump Track Update

So Jake was walking by on our shared driveway when he saw me feebly scratching at the track. Next thing I know he was over with his Bobcat, and we really pushed some dirt around. The whole thing is much closer to level, and we can work some more on drainage and sculpting the berms now. Thanks Jake!!!

Went to ride the Leesburg Baker's Dozen course preride too. It is a lovely course. Wooded singletrack with not too much elevation change, lots of cool rock outcroppings and logs. I'm signed up on a three person team for the April 19 race. Hope I don't die. I had a slight mishap on my first lap, so sat the second lap out while my riding buddies had more fun.

Number One Son turned 13 this weekend! He is now a surly teen. Woo Hoo!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trailwork and other stuff

You know, for someone as lazy and shiftless as me, I sure keep busy. Had relatives in town last week, and every evening had something. How am I to get my 12 hours sleep? Saturday was errands and beginning to get the yard maintenance started. Spring is close. Sunday I did yard maintenance at Gambrill State Park. Hence the alluring photo of a water bar above. Trek was having a demo day up there and I took a moment fro m trash picking to check out the Hi-fi. Nice. But pricey. Maybe sometime.

After I left the park I took my son to get his basketball team's trophies. Divisional champs. Also nice. Go Ian!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Every year, after suffering through the Single Speed Punk Bike Enduro, I tell myself I'm really going to buckle down and be in better shape for the next one. Every year, I miss the boat. I did manage to pace myself a bit better this year (meaning I held everyone up), but it never gets easier. This year a couple of things did break my way. One was that the field was huge, like 50 people huge, with people of normal riding abilities scattered about. That meant I wasn't all alone at the back. Two, flat pedals. Working out very well. Three, MTB fenders. Kept a lot of gunk off.

I also saw friends that I don't see but a few times a year, and I met some folks whom I know via the internet, but had never met in person. Cool. Nice to meet you!.

Thanks to Joe, Julie and the volunteers, Clipper City Brewing, and Avalon Bikes for some swag. See you next year, and I'm really going to buckle down and be in better shape for it...