Monday, December 18, 2006

Frederick Ramble

Had a chance to go out with some like minded riders yesterday. The folks who blog at Ride Lugged are a nice crew and were planning a ride around Frederick. We ended up climbing in the the mountains west of town. And climbing. And climbing. Then we took our road bikes on some mountain bike trails. Then we climbed some more. Then we all had a beer. Then we climbed some more. I laughed, I cried. I begged for mommy. Finally I walked. But I still had a blast.

Except it looks like maybe I killed my rear wheel. We'll see.

More photos here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bike Work

I just decided to go ahead and retire the scary front wheel of a couple of posts ago. I didn't need the stress on waiting for the collapse. That left me high and dry for a 27 inch front wheel. I do have one trash-picked spare, but it requires an overhaul before using, and the rim does not have a bead to hold the tire bead (old school rims, yech). So I decided to try my 700c Quickbeam front on the Fuji. Other than having to drop the brake shoes to the bottom of their slots on the diacomps, and to adjust the fenders out a little bit to fit the fat 37c paselas, the wheel worked.

I tested it out on a Sunday ride back out in Green Valley. Worked like a charm. More phtos in my RR here.

Since I was feeling all wrenchy (is that a word?) working on bikes on Saturday, I pulled out the old Diamondback frame I had hanging in the basement. This was my first 'real' MTB bought when I lived in Texas, way back in '88 /geezer. I need a yard bike for playing on the pump track and I'm hoping this will do it for me. I found enough junk to mostly outfit it, except for a set of cranks which my friend Joe is going to lend me. I'm treating it like a Big Man''s BMX bike and not bothering to do a back brake, mainly because I don't want to dig out the old U-brake that was original equipment, or attach the big cheese v-brake plate I got when I was running it as a trail bike in my first try at singlespeeding. Look for more info after the first of the year when I have folks over for a bikes, bonfire and beer event, and lots of riding in tiny circles.

Lastly, last night several good folks came out for a show of support for more bike facilities in Frederick. 14 of us attended the City Planning commission meeting for the proposal to implement an east-west bike route through the city. This route will join the State routes which exist on both sides of town already. The meeting was long and boring, with us as the last agenda item, but the comissioners were supportive and favored taking the formal vote needed to move this forward next month.

Whew. Long post. Keep riding!

Monday, December 11, 2006


The joys of country living. Poison Ivy should be a summertime only issue, but I managed to get it in December. My wife called me from just down the road the other night. In some high winds, a tree had come down across the road. Since she was almost within sight of home, she asked me to come help, rather than taking a several mile detour to get home the other way. I brought out a chainsaw and cut enough to open the lane, and a neighbor happened by and helped me get it off the road. The tree was literaly smotherd with poisin ivy vines, and in spite of being pretty careful, I somehow managed to get a case. Itchy, itchy, itchy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Percussion Section

Lights and Pizza (& salad for me) went pretty well last night. It's getting a bit colder out. I got my wheel trued and tightened this week, but it is pretty much on its last legs. It stayed true, but creaked, groaned thumped and twanged like some mad percussion band. I really am not trusting it flying down the road in the dark. Looks like I'll have to find a new front somewhere (hmmm, maybe a generator hub???$$$.)

Other than the weird noises, the ride was great. Over the hump to Jefferson and then back over the big climb up mar-lu ridge. Omph. The lead three (skinny bastidges) climbed ahead, then turned around and came back down and climbed it a second time, but not quite fast enough to catch up with the other John G and me. 23 miles, but the GPS batteries died again. I'm going to have to change them every ride, I think.

THIS might be interesting. Looks like a fun ride. Maybe I can get a rare Saturday away from kid's sports and take part.....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


If I'm anything like this in 22 years, I'll be happy. Came across this cool story on the KOG list. Now I have to get the book.

Hmmm. Sometimes the photo I linked to shows up, and sometimes it doesn't. It's on the page linked to in the text.

Field repairs

See, this is why I drink tea instead of coffee. I might have to fix my airplane sometime.

Hat tip to Gleeful Gecko.